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Free Domain Registration - No Purchase Required

Anyone can enjoy absolutely free domain registration for .tk domains. The .tk domain extension denotes the Pacific island country of Tokelau, and that country is offering free domains to anyone who wants one. In fact, once you create an account you can register as many free domains as you wish. You don't have to buy anything to register a free .tk domain, but please be aware that .tk domains work fine with Entomy Networks if you are looking for a reliable and economical hosting service.

The popularity of .tk domains is igniting, since there are already more .tk registered domains than .ru (Russia) and .cn (Chnia) domains combined. In fact, the .tk domain is the 3rd largest country domain in the world, in terms of registrations.

If you wish to register a free .tk domain, please click the SIGN UP NOW! button below.

Note -- If you wish to configure a .tk domain for an Entomy Networks account, please select 'Custom DNS' and then enter &, as shown in this image. Click the 'Save Changes' button and you're all setup!